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12 Best College Hookup Apps: Review of Modern Dating Apps for Students

The choice of the college hookup apps can be decisive in the success of your love project. Know that each platform has its specificities and may offer more or less high chances, depending on your profile. While you can register on different sites to increase the number of opportunities, this solution could result in significant expenses. In addition, it will be particularly difficult for you to optimize your presence on many platforms effectively.

If you are a young student looking for a challenge and little adventures, the ideal is to opt for trusted sites, which offer services for a certain fee. However, serious and free hookup apps for college students also exist, and you can get to know more about them via our guide.

Suppose you are a student who already wants to find true love while avoiding the presence of many competitors. In that case, we advise you to turn to platforms with an excellent reputation but with a moderately high number of users. To facilitate appointments, choose those that have a geolocation system. The best college hookup apps allow you to meet near you without a hassle.

As you know, dating sites abound on the internet. There are more than 1,500 active dating services now, with diverse and varied themes and more or less good results. However, it can be difficult to choose the right dating app for you. Therefore, we offer you three essential points, which will help you in your process. After all, we don’t have the same desires, needs, or even the same budget. So, it is important to go to the right college hookup app when looking to meet people.

Who do you want to meet? The first important question to ask yourself is who you want to meet. A man, a woman, a younger or an older partner, or a group of people at once? You need to define what type of person you want to meet for casual college sex. As you know, some sites are specialized, whether in ethnicity, height, weight, or other criteria. You may go to the best college hookup apps, but you will waste your time if the people registered do not match your search.

For what purpose and why are you searching for a partner? The second question to ask yourself is to know what your goals are. It may seem logical at first glance, but when you dig in, it is something else. For example, if you are registered just to “meet new people” and “have a good time,” there is no need to go to a serious dating site then. On the other hand, if you are more oriented towards friendship, hookup apps for college students won’t be for you.

Who are you? Finally, the last question to ask yourself about your specific traits and tastes. Do you have a particular religion? Are you young or old? Do you have money, or does it not matter to you? We don’t think about it enough, focusing on the person we are looking for first. However, a college hookup app is all about you! So, if you don’t have a budget, forget about paid dating sites to start. If you are a young student, do not stick to sites where the average age is 30-40. If you are a homebody, lonely, and sociopathic, do not go to hookup apps for college students that arrange mostly offline events.

What not to forget? In addition to these three essential questions, remember a few points before registering and subscribing to the best college hookup apps. When you have done your sorting, you will have a small selection of the best dating sites. Choose one or go for two to the max. Take the time to try them out in the free version, to learn about the seriousness and the quality. Also, look at what the community provides (Does it correspond to your requirements? Is it active?). Finally, what does the site give? (the tools offered, navigation, price, etc.)

To make your first sentences successful, we recommend that you play the humor card without being ridiculous. Regarding the themes, you can privilege the common points or quite simply the romanticism. Either way, quickly analyze the information provided by the profile of the person from free college hookup apps you want to seduce to get a more or less precise idea of the most suitable approach.

In some cases, you can directly encourage a strong reaction from the partner by mentioning a detail of their profile and adding a good dose of humor to your sentences. This technique can pay off as long as your remarks are not offensive. Instead, they should target things that an average user would not have noticed and subtly demonstrate your interest in their personality, tastes, and lifestyle. These steps will lead to casual college sex.

14 Best College Hookup Apps

  1. Great for people who enjoy ready match suggestions S’more
  2. Great for those who prefer swiping Tinder
  3. Great for women who seek casual college sex Bumble
  4. Great for women who seek casual college sex with other women Her
  5. Great if you like answering the questions and read the answers of others Hinge
  6. Great for those who prefer multinational community OkCupid
  7. Great for casual dates and casual college sex CoffeeMeetsBagel
  8. Great if you care about the appearance of your potential partners BeautifulPeople
  9. Great for the lovers of free college hookup apps ChoiceOfLove
  10. Great for gays aged 14 to 20 who seek casual college sex DBNA
  11. Great if you prefer privacy and security Be2
  12. Great for those who live in northern Europe DateYork

S’more (iOS)


This dating app is pretty interactive. It offers you to find like-minded people based on your music, film, or food preferences. S’more is widely used by students.


  • Great for seeking long-term relations among students
  • There is a convenient app for iOS
  • You receive fifteen daily picks to choose a partner from
  • Access celebrity content inside the app via S’more TV


  • No Android app
  • No website version
  • For the US-users only


  • $7 for a one-week membership;
  • $13 for a one-month membership;
  • $1 for a three-month membership ($3 total).
S'More Offer

Tinder (iOS, Android)


Tinder is a generalist app popular worldwide. A quality approach will confirm the good impression created by your profile, encourage the other person to continue the conversation, and take more interest in you. It will also allow you to stand out from other subscribers of college hookup apps. If you build your strategy, you can successfully find college hookups there.


  • One of the most popular apps globally
  • A college hookup app used by students
  • 6.6 million paid subscribers
  • Interesting features such as Tinder select, Tinder Boost, Tinder Passport, or Secret Admirer


  • You evaluate people based on their appearance

Prices (for those under 28)

  • $15 for a one-month Gold subscription;
  • $9 for a six-month Gold subscription ($52 total);
  • $7 for a twelve-month Gold subscription ($83 total);
  • $5 for a one-month Plus subscription;
  • $3 for a six-month Plus subscription ($18 total);
  • $2.3 for a twelve-month Plus subscription ($27 total).
Tinder Offer

Bumble (iOS, Android)


This app is perfect for a casual first date. If you are not into serious relationships, install Bumble. It allows you to swipe many people, receive matches, and easily find friends for new activities or going out.


  • The app offers many unique features that make your experience outstanding
  • 11 million users
  • Women text first, so this college hookup app is excellent for females who like to take the first step
  • You can see people near you and quickly find a hookup


  • No search tool


  • $13 for a one-week membership;
  • $23 for a one-month membership;
  • $16 for a three-month membership ($48 total);
  • $140 for a lifetime membership.
Bumble Offer

Her (iOS)


There are 8 million users on the app. Her is a lesbian platform that connects young women who prefer dating people of the same sex. Straight men are not allowed into Her, so you can safely register on the app if you are a queer female or non-binary person seeking women.


  • The service was launched in June 2015
  • The most famous and recommended app for the LGBTQ+ community
  • You access a friendly space rather than a simple dating app
  • Great not only for casual college sex but communication
  • The Pinterest-inspired interface has made the app highly popular


  • Men cannot access the app at all


  • $15 for a one-month membership;
  • $10 for a six-month membership ($60 total);
  • $7.5 for a twelve-month membership ($90 total).
Her Offer

Hinge (iOS, Android)


Hinge is great for young people who have still not decided what they are seeking: serious relationships or hookups. The app is suitable for both. Developers have come up with Hinge (‘the app you should delete‘) because you are promised to find a partner quickly.


  • Suitable for seeking committed partners for long-term relationships
  • The member profiles contain many details
  • Active users receive a free subscription upgrade
  • You can access most of the college hookup app services for free


  • There is no full-fledged website version of Hinge


  • $10 for a one-month membership;
  • $7 for a three-month membership ($21 total);
  • $5 for a six-month membership ($30 total).
Hinge Offer

OkCupid (Android)


This international dating app is great for all ages and professions. If you study at a multicultural university and want to meet singles from your campus, chances are you will find them on OkCupid.


  • You will meet people of all nationalities there
  • The search tool based on the location is available — lookout for people outside your country
  • Powered by the dating industry giant — Cupid Media Ltd.
  • Users access most of the features for free
  • The college hookup app offers out free daily match suggestions


  • The message translation tool sometimes fails
  • No iOS app


  • $12 for a one-month Basic subscription;
  • $8 for a three-month Basic subscription ($24 total);
  • $6 for a six-month Basic subscription ($36 total);
  • $40 for a one-month Premium subscription;
  • $26 for a three-month Premium subscription ($78 total);
  • $20 for a six-month Premium subscription ($120 total).
OkCupid Offer

CoffeeMeetsBagel (iOS, Android)


This app puts women into priority and allows them to decide on matches. Men receive 21 bagels that they can send to whatever woman they like. The lady then decides whether she wants to continue communication.


  • It takes little time to use since you just need to look over the ready matches
  • Private dating experience since profiles is not visible to the unauthorized users
  • Friends in real life can get matched
  • Among the best college hookup apps
  • Ladies are given six matches regular


  • Those who don’t live in significantly populated areas won’t get many matches
  • Men just have 24 hours to “pass” or “like” on ladies
  • The chat is just accessible for seven days, and then it gets erased
  • You get potential matches once a day, and they will disappear if you do not open the app
  • The price range is higher than the market average


  • $35 for a one-month membership;
  • $25 for a three-month membership ($74 total);
  • $20 for a six-month membership ($120 total);
  • $15 for a one-year membership ($180 total).
Coffee Meets Bagel Offer

BeautifulPeople (iOS, Android)


Here people have to vote to let you into the community. Once you’ve made a great impression with your photo and description, you won’t have much trouble getting the attention of the college hookup app followers that meet your expectations.


  • Dating network for beautiful people
  • Costs are in the favorable range compared to other college hookup apps
  • Attractive portal with a high-class interface
  • Especially suitable for confident and good-looking singles
  • You can add interesting users to your favorites
  • Many search options are available
  • Presence of social stream shows
  • Live chat available
  • Verified college hookup app users are allowed to send free messages
  • Super easy voting and contact
  • You can access push notifications of new posts


  • Only those who are voted are allowed in
  • Only authorized users can contact others


  • $25 for a one-month membership;
  • $17 for a three-month membership ($51 total).
BeautifulPeople Offer

ChoiceOfLove (iOS, Android)


What do you want deep inside? Find love? A friend? Someone to have fun/hang out/travel with? A short story to satisfy your impulses? Figure out what you are looking for, and you will succeed on ChoiceOfLove. It offers detailed profiles and great security completely for free!


  • The service is completely free
  • Informative profiles
  • In addition to verifying the email address, no further verification is required
  • Any location can be chosen
  • The majority of users are not looking for a stable relationship
  • All important functions are available in this college hookup app
  • The app for Apple and Android can be downloaded for free
  • Advertisements can be hidden by paying a small fee


  • Low prices for hiding the advertising
  • Lots of fake users


  • $1.49 for a one-month membership;
  • $0.83 for a one-year membership ($10 total);
  • $0.62 for a two-year membership ($15 total).

DBNA (Web)


This gay dating portal is mainly used in Europe. People like it because it resembles a social network where you can write posts, share your thought, and upload unlimited photos. DBNA also allows many communication methods and will be useful for students who want to chat for free.


  • Completely free dating portal
  • Unlimited photo upload
  • Verification optionally available
  • DNBA is among the most effective college hookup apps for gays
  • Extensive articles on gay topics in DBNA magazine
  • Creation and joining of groups possible
  • Social media functions, such as writing public posts
  • Extensive search and insightful profiles
  • Limited to users ages 14-29
  • iOS and Android app in planning


  • DBNA has been planning to program an app since 2019, but these plans have not yet been implemented
  • Some fakes within the portal


  • DBNA is completely free.

Be2 (iOS, Android)


Be2 offers you high-quality partner proposals through scientific matching and unlimited contacts with a paid premium membership. Prices are within the market average, so college students who seek compatible matches will feel comfortable on the app.


  • There is a mixed crowd audience inside the app
  • 57% of users are women looking for a casual college sex
  • High success rate: 41% of people have found their partners here
  • You can send partner proposals a personal message free of charge
  • Users can share photos and view partner proposals
  • Read and send messages inside the app
  • Upload unlimited photos
  • You can receive push notifications for new messages


  • The list of your profile visitors is available to the premium members only
  • The prices are high compared to other college hookup apps


  • $60 for a one-month membership;
  • $50 for a three-month membership ($150 total);
  • $30 for a six-month membership ($180 total).
Be2 Offer

DateYork (Web)


DateYork is a mix of a social network, a dating app, and a platform for socializing. You can attend offline events arranged by the provider to meet people you have met on the app. Alternatively, you can visit the event straightway to find a partner for the night.


  • A platform for speed dating in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
  • Many cities represented
  • Speed dating is available in different age groups
  • Uncomplicated registration
  • No hidden costs in this college hookup app
  • Contact information can be voluntarily shared online after the meeting
  • $19 per appointment that you want to attend
  • During the meeting, you have a certain period to get to know the other person
  • After the time has elapsed, you switch to the next participant
  • You do not have to disclose any data about yourself


  • An app is currently not available. However, as stated on the website, it is to be hoped that it will soon be available for iOS and Android. Until then, the mobile website is suitable for using DateYork while on the go.
  • There are significantly more men than women registered on the site looking for casual college sex.
  • It is not possible to contact other participants before the appointment.
  • Contact will only be established after the speed dating if there is mutual interest.


  • $19 for one meeting credit.


The best college hookup apps connect you with other people who have the same goal: to have a good time together with other students. There are different types of such platforms, and we have considered the main apps in our review. Some are only based on naughty encounters, and others are more conventional. Everything will depend on your main objectives. You need to know what you are looking for before signing up on a dating app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since the existence of the internet, dating has been said to be easier. However, this is without counting on the diversity and plurality of the college hookup apps. It is not always easy to find the right platform, one that displays great reliability and optimal security measures for the personal data of its members. This section provides the final details about the use of paid and free college hookup apps.

💜What Are College Hookup Apps?

The services offered in our guide differ from one platform to another. Some platforms only offer a chat room where you can contact and chat with anyone you want. There, you are free to talk about whatever you want. Other platforms offer more supported services. They take care of connecting you with the people interested in your profile and try to create the perfect event for you to make the magic happen. These services are generally chargeable, but the security of your personal information is guaranteed. In addition, the efficiency of the system allows finding casual college sex quickly.

One thing unites all the services we have reviewed — they are widely used by college students who seek sex. Their main audience consists of young people, so these apps offer a great design and exciting features. So if you are a student seeking casual relationships and turn to one of the apps mentioned — you are sure to achieve your goals.

💙How Do You Determine the Best College Hookup Apps?

The best college hookup apps present certain easily identifiable criteria. First, they do not charge you exorbitant membership fees or ask you to access various sections for financial participation. Admittedly, sometimes you have to purchase a subscription to benefit from all the services, but the accounts must always be clear and transparent. Some serious dating apps are completely free and reliable. However, the services offered will not be the same.

A reliable college hookup app is also committed to protecting your data. This information must appear in the general conditions of the site. Please read and accept them before taking advantage of the services. Take the time to educate yourself in-depth on the subject to avoid acts of abuse and choose the best college hookup apps.

💚How to Arrange Your Profile on College Hookup Apps?

Your introduction should be short and punchy. It should arouse users’ curiosity about hookup apps for college students and encourage them to learn more about you. In the body of the text, focus the information on your social status. Tell about your areas of interest and outlines of your character. However, keep an element of mystery to encourage users to ask you questions and get more involved in the conversations.

Finally, write a sentence that, like the introduction, should be catchy and highlight your sense of humor. Note that the profile picture is a way to provide insight into your personality and style to other members. It is the first item rated by college hookup app users. Choose it carefully to increase the chances of success.

💛How to Write Your Bio on College Hookup Apps?

Take care of the profile and write a powerful ad to initiate a discussion that could lead you to date. You must first engage potential partners. To do this, look at the quality of your profile. Choose a photo that highlights your assets while remaining natural.

Next, write an ad with the main goal to describe yourself honestly, with a touch of humor. When writing, keep a correct language level and adopt a well-defined structure. If you seek casual college sex, stay clear and open about your goals. This approach guarantees that you will find a necessary partner quickly.

🧡How to Seduce a Woman on College Hookup Apps?

Choose the right time to request an appointment. Seduction on free college hookup apps is not a mathematical operation, and there is no formula for determining the right time for a physical encounter. However, we do not recommend that you request a date on day one unless you have excellent dating skills or you both seek casual college sex. In addition, we recommend that you avoid the many weeks of conversation without any attempt to make an appointment.

To determine the right time, you must rely on the depth of your discussions and the impressions of the person you are talking to about online dating. You should also be on the lookout for small signs that may suggest the desire to take the next step, namely a physical encounter.

Unlike social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, college hookup apps are frequented by users eager to enter into a relationship, whether long-lasting or short-lived. If you missed the perfect time for a date, you risk being relegated to the rank of a good friend. Stay assertive enough, and you will make the most out of college hookup apps.

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