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15 Best Free Lesbian Hookup Sites: Find Your Real Love Today

  1. The best for first time lesbian hookup Lesbian Personals
  2. Great for bold women Bumble
  3. Specially tailored for women seek for other Pink Cupid
  4. The best for settling down with a life partner eHarmony
  5. Great for the lesbian and queer community Her
  6. Significant for lesbians and more like Tinder Zoe
  7. Great sophisticated match-making for a long-lasting relationship Elite Singles
  8. Great for safety measures and modern women Taimi
  9. The best for sturdy connection POF
  10. Great for relationships and friendships Match
  11. Specially made for women to feel at home Wonder
  12. Very good for hookups and casual relationships Tinder
  13. The best for LGBTQ+ community OkCupid
  14. Great for women all over the world Lesly
  15. The best for behavioral matches Zoosk

You can place your hands on the right lesbian hookup websites or applications that will give an easy and fun ride. Also, these apps are not at all expensive and keep the security issue in check.

Are you searching for someone that meets your choice? If you are someone looking for a free lesbian hookup site, you are at the right place. In the ongoing global pandemic, it has already become difficult for the LGBTQ+ community to look for a partner. It is always not possible to approach someone at the bar. Also, it becomes difficult for single lesbians to look for a quality woman within the community. It is because there are multiple types of lesbians. The experience in totality is not very applauding.

The world is opening up slowly. Thus, it is making room for people searching for a lesbian hookup dating site free of cost. In this era, people are spreading arms and accepting people of any preferences. There are very few women who recognize themselves as lesbians. Thus, the work of searching for one becomes tougher.

As the world slowly opens up after the pandemic, it is also becoming easier for people to go on dates and meet people in person. But people who identify themselves as lesbian, bisexuals, or queer were always hesitant to use dating apps. They had to hustle a lot on these mainstream apps, which on the other hand, was very easy for cis and straight people. Finding a partner on a lesbian hookup site who has the same preferences and who is acceptable is a hurdle for single lesbians.

Despite all the acceptance, people can still find many people who think a different sexual orientation is alien. They cannot accept the fact that people may vary from them. When it is discussed about the people from the LGBTQ+ community, one can see that most of the time, the family members show zero acceptance towards their child. It becomes significantly hard for the child to share their emotions within their home. Thus, they find it more comfortable to seek out help from people outside their house. Oftentimes one can see that due to such behavior, they fall prey to no trustworthy websites.

Your search for a trustworthy website can end here. You will find a long list of applications that will help you find your companion.

When the talk is about online dating apps, people who belong to the LGBTQ+ community have to encounter harassment. But in present days, thankfully, there are various other options available apart from the mainstream apps. Women can find their right partners through lesbian hookup sites. Apart from that, several other apps support the queer community and provide user-friendly features. At present, it is more about fun and safety for people of various sexual orientations to find a loving partner.

These sites provide a female-friendly environment for every woman. Here, single lesbians can find a woman who is lesbian or bisexual and is likely to go on a date. Also, these are free lesbian hookup sites. Thus, you need not pay any amount while downloading them.

Here, you will only get the best dating apps that the experts chose. They have gone through numerous lesbian hookup websites only to hand-pick the best among them. This way, you need not waste your time signing up on a website only to find it does not match your preferences. Here, the website has undergone a thorough check. One has examined the features, evaluated the memberships, and considered sturdy stats to filter out the only suitable lesbian sex hookup sites.

You can find the right app for yourself from the list below. You need not struggle through websites searching for the correct app that will suit your standards. The expertise has gone through all of them thoroughly. Thus, you need not worry about the safety measures on these apps. You can trust each of them with your profile as they take proper security measures to keep their users private. You can create your searches through a lesbian hookup near me.

Also, you can know the advantages and disadvantages of these applications. You can also acknowledge the price structure for different apps that will help you find the correct alignment. Here, you can connect with women from various parts of the world. This way, you get exposure to different cultures that helps in broadening your mind.

Now you can put a step forward carefully and choose one that matches your personality traits and get the best dating experience.

Lesbian Personals (Website)


Lesbian Personals is one of the largest websites you will find online. It is a significant lesbian hookup website. It has millions of users all over the world. You need not worry about where you are. The website helps you connect with people from any part of the world. It provides its users with an advanced search engine. It lets you find a woman of your demographic and go through their profile in detail. You can start chatting with them right away.

You can use the messenger for chatting and sharing pictures and videos. Apart from that, the website also allows you to make a conversation through video chats. The websites help you to become a part of the large international community of lesbians. You can use the website on the go and match with people who are near you.


  • It is one of the largest websites for women only;
  • The website is accessible from any part of the world;
  • You can go through the profiles in detail;
  • It offers a video chatting feature.


  • It contains some fake profiles;
  • It is not available for Android and iOS.


1 Month 27.95 USD
3 Months 59.85 USD
12 Months 179.40 USD

Free version: Present.

Bumble (Android, iOS)


Women who are bold and can make the first move, here is Bumble for you. It helps you to choose your partner wisely and carefully. It is one of the apps that support feminism from its very beginning in 2014. It is the first dating app to give women a priority.

Here, women can decide on whom they want to have a conversation with. This way, they have total control over their life. It encourages women to become independent and courageous in whichever path they choose. The app provides women the full liberty of approaching a man if they want and start a conversation.


  • It is one of the first dating platforms that prioritizes women;
  • The request expires after twenty-four hours. People can also extend the same. Thus, it motivates people to stay active.


  • People must have an account on Facebook to access the app;
  • Men cannot make the first move.


1 Week 8.99 USD
1 Month 24.99 USD
Lifetime Bumble Boost 119.99 USD

Free Version: Available.

Bumble Offer

Pink Cupid (Android)


Cupid is an overpowering name in the world of dating apps. They are the owners of thirty dating sites that provide people to connect with their preferable choice from their demographics.

Pink Cupid is one of the sites they own. It started in 2006 they provide premium services to lesbians especially. They also allow membership for women in several countries including, the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and some other countries.

It is a fun platform that looks after the safety of women. You can meet women with similar personalities and preferences from all over the world.

It is one of the lesbian hookup dating sites free of cost.


  • Safety for women comes first;
  • It is specifically tailored for women and bisexual people;
  • Available in various parts of the world;


  • Pink Cupid is only available for Android and iOS;
  • There are pop-up ads.


Gold Membership

1 Month 24.98 USD
3 Months 16.66 USD
12 Months 8.33 USD

Platinum Membership

1 Month 29.98 USD
3 Months 20.00 USD
12 Months 10.00 USD

Free Version: Available.

PinkCupid Offer

eHarmony (Android, iOS)


It is one of the online dating sites where one can connect with people of various orientations. You can also come across numerous single women based out in the Asian sub-continent. People who found their partners here are now sharing successful married life. People need to give a personality test before creating an account on eHarmony. It is fun, easy, and simple and helps in creating an engagement with the users.

People need to answer almost a hundred and fifty questions to define the meaning of a relationship in the present time. One shall go through five significant sections, including their social skill, values, faculties, and many more.


  • It provides its users with a video chatting feature;
  • The app is safe and secure for everyone;
  • The customer support team is friendly and provides quick solutions to the users.


  • The process of signing up is time-consuming;
  • The premium membership is quite expensive.


6 Months Light 395.40 USD
12 Months Plus 550.80 USD
24 Months Extra 861.60 USD

Free Version: Available.

eHarmony Offer

Her (Android, iOS)


It is a dating application that focuses on lesbians. It is available in 114 countries. ‘Her’ provides some great features that give the breath of life to the same gender dating. It also notifies its users of various updates regarding news or any event that is taking place within the LGBTQ+ community.

It is a lesbian hookup website that has a free version. It allows the users to create an account and view another user without any charge. It notifies the users and invites them to go on dates. The premium members have access to change their location and can read receipts.


  • The application is best for women who belong to the LGBTQ+ community;
  • There is no extra charge for sending messages.


  • The application allows you to sign-up only if you have an account on Facebook or Instagram.
  • The subscription is expensive here.


1 Month 14.99 USD
3 Months 59.99 USD
12 Months 89.99 USD

Free Version: Available.

HER Offer

Zoe (Android, iOS)


The application is available on both iOS and Android devices. It is safe to use. You will get to interact with verified profiles.

It is among the top lesbian hookup websites and is available in every part of the world. The premium version helps to view who likes you.

The application is more like Tinder but significant for women who seek women as partners. You need to swipe right and wait for the other person to do the same for a match.


  • It provides verified profiles for interaction;
  • It is safe to use and available worldwide.


  • People need to avail themselves of the premium version to view the likes;
  • The app has a smaller user base.


Monthly Premium Membership 15.99 USD
Quarterly Premium Membership 38.99 USD
Annual Premium Membership 119.99 USD

Free Version: Available.

Elite Singles (Android, iOS)


The application targets the elite and educated people. It justifies the name rightfully. The users in the entirety hold a degree of education. The application has a user base of two million people.

They are in search of their perfect match. It is one of the best platforms for people belonging to every community.

The dating app is available in more than twenty countries. People who have the subscription to the premium version can check the display pictures of other users. One can also get into their profile and check the detail. The app allows its users to have their hands on the wild cards daily.


  • The application provides a section that is significant for blogs on relationships and dating;
  • There is a customer support team that helps in solving the issues of the customers.


  • The time of the confidential survey is quite long. It takes about forty-five minutes for the same;
  • People need to get hold of the premium membership for unlimited conversation.


3 Months 104.85 USD
6 Months 119.70 USD
12 Months 215.40 USD

Free Version: Available.

EliteSingles Offer

Taimi (iOS)

It is a secret lesbian hookup app for modern women. It is a safe place for women who belong to the LGBTQ+ community. They can connect with other women and discuss their preferences with ease. It is an app that works through swiping. But it offers more defined features. Taimi helps you post true stories that can define your personality with clarity. The application notifies its users when there is an event or any news updates.

The application focuses on providing a bully-free area and free of any judgments. It has a user-friendly interface. You will have a hustle-free experience here. You can connect with people who have the same sexual orientation as you.


  • It is one of the safest platforms for the LGBTQ+ community;
  • It is a modern app with more features that define the personality clearly.


  • The app is only available for iOS.


7 Days 14.99 USD
1 Month 41.99 USD
3 Months 53.99 USD
12 Months 71.99 USD

Free Version: Available.

Taimi Offer

POF (Android, iOS, Website)


POF is a dating app that people can access from their mobile phones and through websites as well. It stands for Plenty of Fish. As the name suggests, you can connect with numerous people like you. They have similar preferences as you. You can find one real partner or friend for a lifetime from the millions of users. It is safe to use.

The dating app provides you with a real-life experience through video dates and live-streaming sessions.


  • People can browse through profiles to get a perfect match;
  • It is safe and available on the app store and websites.


  • It does not provide multiple features.


2 Months 38.70 USD
4 Months 51.00 USD
8 Months 81.40 USD

Free Version: Available.

PoF Offer

Match (Android, iOS)

‘Match’ is one of the oldest online lesbian hookup sites that are in use today. Here, people need to sign-up to initiate a conversation. The next thing is going to date the person that matches your personality. The platform aims at long-term match-making.

Here, you will get to have some fun experiences through free events. You can chat and drink in a slick setting. The platform keeps a thorough check on the safety and security of its users.


  • The site gives the liberty to its users to block the account that does not match their preferences;
  • The platform is free of judgment.


  • People need to avail themselves of the premium account for messaging;
  • One may come across multiple fake accounts.


Standard Plan

3 Month 38.97 USD
6 Months 59.94 USD
12 Months 95.88 USD

Premium Plan

3 Months 44.97 USD
6 Months 68.94 USD
12 Months 107.88 USD

Free Version: Available.

Match Offer

Wonder (Android, iOS)


Wonder is a dating application that focuses on females. It creates a safe space for women so that they feel at home. You can make friends or establish a relationship here. You can meet with women from all around the world. You can go through the profile that interests you. Here, you can find details on each profile that will help you learn more.

The app provides you to find a lesbian hookup near me. It is also accessible from various devices. Here you can place your preferences worry-free.


  • It is a safe place for women;
  • You can go through the details before initiating a conversation.


  • You need to provide too much information.


Membership prices are from 10.00 USD to 40 USD for one, six бor twelve months.

Free Version: Available.

Tinder (Android, iOS)


Tinder is a dating app that is available on every device. It is open for people who belong to the LGBTQ+ community and non-binary people. It is also accessible to heterosexual people. One can operate from everywhere. One can also search for a “lesbian hookup near me” by switching to their location. Here one can find good friends apart from establishing a relationship.

The app provides millions of users who are looking for someone special. Here you can opt for some fun features that will keep you hooked.


  • The app does not restrict its users from having a conversation. There is no limit;
  • It provides multiple free features.


  • The membership costs more with age;
  • The free version provides limited swipe options.


Platinum for users under 28

1 Month 14.32 USD
6 Months 50.10 USD
12 Months 71.64 USD

Platinum for users over 28

1 Month 17.99 USD
6 Months 63.00 USD
12 Months 90.00 USD

Gold for users under 28

1 Month 14.99 USD
6 Months 52.99 USD
12 Months 82.99 USD

Gold for users over 28

1 Month 30.00 USD
6 Months 113.00 USD
12 Months 150.00 USD

Plus for users under 28

1 Month 9.99 USD
6 Months 34.99 USD
12 Months 54.99 USD

Plus for users over 28

1 Month 20.00 USD
6 Months 60.00 USD
12 Months 80.00 USD

Free Version: Available.

Tinder Offer

OkCupid (Android, iOS)


The application first came into existence in 2001. Since then, it evolved into one of the frequently used sites for match-making. The platform provides its users the option of choosing their pronouns.

People need to answer some multiple-choice questions to establish a match. The app is on the verge of expansion, with a base of almost fifty million users at present. The app supports women despite their race.


  • There is no charge for messaging;
  • People come across free tips on signing up on the platform.


  • People may come across fake accounts;
  • People can avail themselves of several features and filters only if they subscribe to the premium versions.


A-List Basic Subscription

1 Month 7.95 USD
3 Months 19.05 USD
6 Months 23.70 USD

A-List Premium Subscription

1 Month 24.90 USD
3 Months 68.70 USD
6 Months 119.40 USD

Free Version: Present.

OkCupid Offer

Lesly (Android, iOS)


The app is a new addition to the world of lesbian hookup sites and dating apps. It focuses on women from all around the world. The app is for women who seek women.

The application is available on all devices, iOS and Android. You can find dates on the go because of its extensive coverage. You can find people to go on an adventure with.


  • It is a women-centric app;
  • It is available on all devices;
  • If you give a 5-star review on the app, you can use it for free.


  • It has very few features to offer.


1 Month 9.99 USD
3 Months 24.99 USD
6 Months 39.799 USD

Free Version: Available.

Zoosk (Android, iOS)


Zoosk is another popular dating platform for women with thirty-five million users. People here are in search of serious relationships.

The app has provided women with various options since its beginning in 2007. It is non-bias and supports people of varied personalities. The app is available in seventy countries.


  • The app allows meeting people with varied personalities;
  • You can avail of the website. It is simple and appealing.


  • You need to subscribe to the premium account for messaging;
  • A customer support team is not responsive.


1 Month 29.99 USD
3 Months 59.99 USD
6 Months 74.99 USD

Free Version: Available

Zoosk Offer


All the websites and apps mentioned here are safe to use. But it is always better to choose the one that suits your preferences. Among all the apps, the three best are Elite Singles, Bumble, and Zoosk. They are the best free lesbian hookup sites. So, as you see, there are a lot of judgment-free platforms you can use to find your perfect hookup or even love. Nowadays, more and more companies care for those left in the shadows for a long time and fearing to come out with their preferences. Now, people reveal the world of diverse dating, so anyone can find their love, stay safe, and be treated respectfully. Isn’t it beautiful?

Frequently Asked Questions

❤️ Are Lesbian Hookup Sites Safe to Browse and Use?

Yes, all the websites mentioned in the blog above are safe to use. Millions of people scroll down these sites every day to find the love of their life. So let the love float and get registered on one of these paid or free lesbian hookup sites today.

❣️ Is Online Dating a Good Option?

Online dating is one of the best methods to find your perfect pair. You can browse through millions of profiles on these lesbian hookup sites and find your perfect match. You get to choose your partner based on your interest, gender, sexuality, and even location.

💘 Are Online Relationships Successful?

There are a lot of proves that many people find their love and fun online. It depends on your activity on the site and the site itself. If you choose the wrong site, the chances of meeting someone special are low. Choose wisely, and don’t be afraid to communicate.

💙 Does All Online Dating Websites Charge?

No. The majority of the listed dating websites offer paid subscriptions to their users. But most of them have free plans as well. Such apps like Tinder can be used for free. Now, it is up to the members if they want to avail these services or not. Additional attributes are gifted to those who purchase the premium version, but the basic website is free for all.

💖 Are There Any Free Dating App?

Every dating website is free to use for all its user base. Websites and applications like Tinder, Bumble, Her, and eHarmony offers paid and free version of their platforms to its user base. So, yes, there are plenty of free lesbian hookup websites.

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