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SPDate Review 2024

SPDate Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 75%
Quality Matches 45%
Popular Age 25-39
Profiles 193 000
Reply Rate 97%
Ease of Use 8.6
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Simple and minimalistic design as compared to other dating platforms.
  • Most communication features are easy to use and free.
  • International membership base.
  • There is a mobile version and an app.
  • Many fake profiles and potential scammers.
  • A lot of disruptive ads.
  • Not a lot of real profiles, even in big cities.

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SPDate is one of those websites that have been around for a while but keep a lower profile than other websites. Users of dating sites primarily know it as the online platform to find hookups, casual dates, no-strings-attached relationships, etc. The idea of the website is quite simple, as is its design and features. But is it worth your time and effort to use this platform as a place to meet hot singles, or is there a better service after all? All of these you can find out from our honest review about SPDate in 2024. We made it our point to provide comprehensive information on this dating site, how it operates, its target audience and the existing membership base, safety, cost, and many other aspects that a potential user should know before registering.

Sign up Process

Signing up at SPDate is a simple and unassuming process. All you need to do is go through the regular registration steps and provide basic personal details such as name, age, and preferences for a match. After that, you can sign up with your email address or use your Google account directly. Other available options for registering with a social media account are Facebook and VK.

While the registration process is supposedly quick and uncomplicated, the fact that the website has an abundance of ads will somewhat slow it down. Many customers complained that the ads are not letting them register quickly and without a hitch, constantly offering to upgrade.



The SPDate site has a very minimalistic design and a well-organized interface that’s convenient and intuitive in use. On the left side of the page, you have the navigation bar where you can access every section of your profile on the website. It feels like a full-fledged social media platform with sections such as your profile, messages, contacts, discovery, etc. For the sake of the user’s convenience, going between all of these pages is a smooth action without any pop-up windows.

The interface of SPDate could have been one of the website’s strongest and most attractive points, if not for the ads. Unfortunately, most of the negative space on the website is filled with intrusive advertisements that distract your attention from chatting with SPDate singles and lower the overall quality of experience on the website.

Free vs Paid Membership

One major point in favor of SPDate is, without a doubt, its cost or, more specifically, the lack thereof. That’s right, and you can use this dating site for hookups and casual dates completely for free and to the fullest potential at that. The website does have a Premium membership available for its users, but it is also possible to use all of the features of this service totally free of charge. In the next two sections, we are going to take apart the main advantages of paid and free services that SPDate can offer and give our estimate of whether it is worth it to buy the Premium version at all.

Free Services

Free Services

SPDate is quite frankly an excellent service to use for free. All of the basic functions are available in the free version, which is a definite plus in our books. We are all for the dating websites providing paid quality service, but dating platforms often demand payment for almost any of your actions there. With SPDate, you can register an account, create a profile, browse through the potential matches and chat with available singles, all without having to pay for it. Only if you decide that this service is exactly where you want to keep looking for perfect matches can you upgrade and become a privileged member with certain additional benefits.

The only option of Premium membership that SPDate offers is the one-month subscription. The price is quite above average as compared to the prices at other similar dating services.

Membership Option Cost
1 month $39.99

So is the Premium membership a beneficial option for a SPDate user? In fact, the paid subscription for this service only gives you a few additional benefits, such as access to active users and a possibility to see all pictures on the other users’ albums. You are also listed as a Top user and as a Premium user at the top of the list of all profiles.

Search Hookup on SPDate

Search Hookup on SPDate

There are many apps where you can find a casual date or a hookup. SPDate is one of such services where you are more likely to find a hookup than a partner for a serious relationship. On the other hand, you never know, and you might be meeting your destiny through this app. Nevertheless, SPDate is created with no-strings-attached relationships in mind so that you can look for a hookup partner without reservations. You can even use the Sex Request option that helps you arrange a quick date with a hot stranger on SPDate.

For those looking for a serious relationship, SPDate is probably not the best service out there. It works best as a platform for meeting someone for an instant hookup match. Moreover, the members here are mostly oriented towards an adult relationship with no strings attached.

Searching Options and Filters

Searching Options and Filters

Finding a partner on SPDate is not rocket science as the dating platform works in similar ways to all popular dating services such as Tinder, Badoo, etc. First, you can go to the Discovery section of your profile and choose among the people the website will display for you there. Then, by playing the standard matching game of liking or disliking suggested profiles, you can instantly connect with a hot stranger without spending hours trying to select the right profile.

If you are a pickier user and have specific preferences that you would like your match to meet, an unpleasant surprise for you is that a standard search option is absent on this website. Usually, you can simply adjust the filters as you prefer and enjoy the more exclusive selection of singles, especially for you. Unfortunately, SPDate does not give you an option to search for a match using search filters. Instead, you can only like and message members whose profiles you see in the Discovery section.

Communication with Users

Chatting with users is the most important feature on a dating site. Without it, even with the best profiles on the whole Internet, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your online dating experience. SPDate has a standard messaging feature that is typical for both dating sites and social media platforms. You have all your conversation partners in a separate tab which you can access in the left-side navigation bar. In addition, a small number will appear when someone messages you, signaling the number of new messages you received.

Members of SPDate chat with the help of instant messages. There is no option to record audio or video messages, but you can upload pictures to the chat and use the emojis offered on the website. All in all, the messaging feature is simple but convenient in use, as well as minimalistic.

How Does SPDate Work?

SPDate works just like any regular dating platform would – in respect of originality or special features, you won’t find anything out of the ordinary here. Instead, the service attracts users with its simple and neutral design. Looking for singles and chatting with matches is an extremely straightforward process here.

Let us walk you through the whole thing from the beginning: first, you register an account and create a profile with a picture, short bio, and any relevant information that you think is worth mentioning. After that, you can browse through the available profiles and let a particular member know that they attracted your attention by giving them a like. Alternatively, you can skip the process of matching and text the member on the platform directly to start the conversation.

As it is, there is no special algorithm to look for members on SPDate. As we’ve mentioned already, a standard search function that you might see on any other dating site is not available here. So instead, members use the matching algorithm to get connected with a random hot stranger in their location for a little bit of flirting or even a hookup.

How Many Real Accounts are There on SPDate?

One of the crucial elements of any dating site is the membership base. No matter how great the website or app design is or how convenient the platform’s communication is, you wouldn’t want to spend time and money on a dating service that doesn’t have real matches for you. So what is the story with SPDate?

According to user reviews, the website has an overwhelming number of fake profiles. It isn’t clear whether they are run by paid professionals or are simply bot accounts. The fact is that the actual number of real profiles on SPDate might be much lower than the official figure because of these fake profiles.

You may wonder how to recognize a fake profile on SPDate? Most of the time, it is very easy – first of all, these profiles don’t care for a normal conversation with you. They will try to steer the dialogue towards you buying a product or a service or simply ask for money or some type of sensitive information. Remember not to give out your personal data to anyone you meet online, whether on this dating site or any other. A real match will accept to meet in a neutral public place before exchanging such info as addresses, etc.

Website and Mobile Version

Website and Mobile Version

SPDate is available on desktop and mobile alike. If you prefer to use the classic version on a desktop, you can access the website through any browser with a good Internet connection. Likewise, you can use the desktop version of the website on your PC, laptop, or tablet.

Alternatively, if you want to access the dating platform from your phone, you have two options: the website’s mobile version and the app version. Unfortunately, the SPDate app is only available for Android users at the moment. We could not find any version for iOS users, but there is a mobile version that you can access through a mobile browser.

Coming back to the app, many users remark that the application is buggy and doesn’t offer any special dating experience compared to other dating apps and the SPDate desktop version itself.

Special Features

Most dating services like to boast special features that set them apart from other brands. In our review of SPDate, we could not find anything of interest to mention as a special feature. SPDate can be considered a basic dating service with standard features. Although we know how some users love special features and interesting functions, for others who enjoy the simplicity and don’t want to get confused by a dating site’s countless features, the minimalism of SPDate is going to be a blessing.

SPDate Alternatives

SPDate Alternatives

There are many alternative options to SPDate. If you are looking for a hookup or a casual date, you have an abundance of websites and apps available. The advantage of SPDate is that it is simple to use and completely free if you want a full online dating experience. In comparison, there are better services for hookups such as Tinder, Plenty of Fish, and others. Their disadvantage before SPDate is that they are more mainstream and have more paid features. Alternatively, there are more real profiles on these apps as compared to SPDate.

Safety SPDate

Safety SPDate

Safety on a dating website is of primary concern. There are several ways of getting scammed online, and online platforms are, unfortunately, among the places where this happens more often. So what about SPDate and the level of safety on this online dating site?

As mentioned previously, SPDate has a large number of fake profiles. This can only mean two things: either the website’s safety measures to protect its users are insufficient, or the website approves of these accounts. At the same time, many users claim that fake accounts are only there to entertain the real users and boost the website’s traffic. At the end of the day, you can always use the block and report feature to limit contact with an account that displays abusive or otherwise suspicious behavior.

As for the safety of personal information on SPDate, the website uses standard encryption to ensure the safety of conversations, payment transactions, and other sensitive data. Moreover, the website doesn’t ask you for your phone number or social media account upon registration. Finally, if you decide to stop using the service, you can simply delete your account.

Customer Support

Customer support of SPDate is available at [email protected]. You can contact them if you have questions regarding your subscription or any suspicious behavior on the website. User support is available first and foremost in English, but you can also receive assistance in one of the other major languages such as Spanish, German, or French.

How to delete SPDate account?

Deleting a profile on SPDate is quite simple. First, go to your account settings (“Settings” tab in the left-side navigation bar) and choose the “Delete Profile” option. Keep in mind that you will not be able to restore the account and all of the data related to it once you delete it.

SPDate is free?

SPDate is a dating site that can be used for free and on a paid subscription alike. However, if you do not want to pay for SPDate services, you should know that most of the features are available for free to all dating platform users.

How to block someone on SPDate?

The “Block” function is available if you open any member’s profile and choose this option among all the other actions you can perform with it.

How to cancel SPDate subscription?

The SPDate Premium version is only available as a one-month subscription. Once your first month of subscription ends, you can simply choose not to renew it. Alternatively, if you wish to cancel the subscription before the month is up, you should contact SPDate customer support with such a request and the reasoning behind it.

How to download SPDate app?

At the moment, the SPDate is only available for Android users. You can download the SPDate app from the Google Store. The app is free to download.

What are the payment methods that SPDate accepts?

You can pay for SPDate Premium membership with a credit card.


Finding a great hookup service can be a challenge, especially now that so many of them are available. Unfortunately, free dating services are not as many to come by, or they are turning subpar in quality. Is this the case with SPDate? We have reviewed SPDate for your convenience and established that the service is best used for finding a casual date or a hookup. However, we’ve also found out that the website has issues with a large number of fake profiles and insufficient safety measures. As it is, we can make a conclusion that SPDate is an average-quality service. You can give it a try, but at the end of the day, you are likely to find a better alternative for SPDate among the popular free dating brands.

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