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InstantHookups Review 2024

InstantHookups Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 83%
Quality Matches 58%
Popular Age 27-35
Profiles 97 000
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 8.4
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The InstantHookups website has a valid SSL encryption certificate.
  • There is a one-day trial. However, it is limited in functions.
  • The website has a modern interface.
  • The members see who is online and who is using a live cam model.
  • The video chat is available.
  • InstantHookups has a mobile-friendly design.
  • It requires credit card credentials during registration.
  • There are many spam messages from the website to your email.
  • The number of subscribers is not high (about 5000 in total).
  • The price for a monthly subscription is somewhat high.
  • The fantasy profiles created by the website generate the illusion of high website activity.

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InstantHookups positions itself as a quick dating site. The primary purpose of this platform is to meet with a partner who will meet your needs for sex. The site has a diverse user base. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, you can definitely find what you need. A detailed questionnaire filled out during registration takes into account all your wishes about your partner’s appearance, nationality, sex preferences, and more. InstantHookups are great for those tired of dating, spending a lot of money, and never getting what they want. Everyone knows exactly what they are there for on this site, and there will be no awkward moments. If your goal is a quick acquaintance for intimacy, then InstantHookups is what you need. On the welcoming page, they have posted information that InstantHookups is not a traditional dating community. They indicated that the number of registered females here exceeds 3500 subscribers, and the number of males approaches 400 guys. All of them are looking for hookups and casual encounters. Even the website’s title is eloquent enough and indicates that one-night meetings and similar encounters are the backgrounds of this website. So, let’s read through the full review and understand all the peculiarities of the InstantHookups community and how to use it.

Sign Up Process

The signing up process at the InstantHookups platform causes different feelings and reactions in the website’s users. Some say that it is awkward and unclear. The others claim that everything is more than straightforward here. But it would be better if we analyze this process by ourselves. Thus, the registration process is the following.

First of all, it is necessary to find and press the registration button on the welcoming page of the InstantHookups website. Then, every potential subscriber will have to undergo a short questionnaire. It is necessary to mention who you are and who you are looking for. There are several such questions. At one of the stages, the subscriber will have to mention their email address and come up with a user name. Here, the members do not have to indicate their official names. It may be disclosed later in private communication. Also, one should agree with the terms and conditions of the website and read through the privacy policy. This step is necessary because it allows us to understand further whether your privacy rights are violated or not.

One of the most controversial things about InstantHookups is the necessity to mention your payment information for account registration. Even the free membership will require this. But a free membership status will last only one day. Then, the community members will be charged a monthly payment. Additionally, InstantHookups may offer other services. But we would recommend you read through them carefully and cancel their application when you don’t need them. In the other case, you may be charged significant amounts of money. Then, after your payment information is confirmed, you will be able to use your account without obstacles.



On their platform, the InstantHookups website claims that even an 80-year old granny will understand how to navigate the website. The question, whether this website will be helpful for older adults will remain open. But, in any case, it explains that the interface of InstantHookups is straightforward and user-friendly. The navigation through the platform is intuitive. All the necessary buttons and navigation options are on the left side of a page. The members’ profiles and their videos are at the center of the page. It shows who is currently online and is ready for chatting. Also, it shows who is prepared to communicate via live cam.

The visibility of other information depends on how the member completed the profile fields. The completion of the profile also determines the speed at which you find your desired match. When completing the questionnaire, it is easy to notice that many of the questions are highly concentrated on sex issues. Each profile should have a genuine photo. The images with animals or other objects are forbidden for use. Only the picture of the profile owner is allowed. Additionally, one may upload no more than six photos. This website has several sections where users describe themselves, their income, and other characteristics. There are the following sections: About Me, My Stats, Sex Stats. Also, the last one contains information about your sexual preferences and hidden desires. In such a way, it is easier to find a partner at InstantHookups, who will meet your expectations.

Free vs Paid Membership

Free vs Paid Membership

The InstantHookups website has a free membership plan. However, it lasts only 24 hours. During registration, every subscriber should mention their payment information. During this period, a one-day trial is provided for every user. After it is over, the website charges you for a monthly subscription. Thus, there is no option to register at the platform without paying a monthly subscription. It will repeat until the moment when you decide to cancel your subscription at InstantHookups.

Unfortunately, the number of free features is somewhat limited on the website. That is why for the exclusive use of the InstantHookups platform, one will need to purchase an advanced membership. Without it, the website’s usage will be meaningless. The InstantHookups platform does not allow enjoying free content, including photo or video materials. The same goes for the live cam shows. Also, one will not be able to access others’ profiles.

Free services

A free-based membership plan at InstantHookups serves just as a teaser to understanding the website’s benefits. Thus, every user may register and complete all the questionnaires. It also allows users to fill in all the lines where the website’s members may introduce themselves. The users may explore the website with all its features. Also, the necessity to provide payment information at once significantly decreases the presence of scammers and fake profiles. It is doubtful that scammers will want to pay $50 for obtaining a dubious opportunity to cheat someone.

Paid services

It is not difficult to understand that a premium subscription provides full access to the website’s services and features. To attract subscribers’ attention, InstantHookups claims that each member may get a hookup the same evening they purchased the subscription. Thus, the fee-based members receive the following opportunities:

  • They can view all the profiles and their full-sized photos.
  • It is possible to personalize match-making.
  • The most exclusive communication feature is a free webcam show.
  • The advanced search filter options are available as well.
  • One may send and receive messages (emails) without limitations.
  • It is also possible to access all videos uploaded by the website’s members.

Thus, the entire subscription allows you to enjoy all the benefits of using the InstantHookups website. As for payment options, the website has only one.

One-month subscription $49.95

Additionally, one may purchase a premium membership by trading popular gift cards available in them. One may select their gift card brand and trade it. For example, the prices and conditions are the following:

  • $25 Starbucks – 20 days of access
  • $32 Best Buy – 28 days of access
  • $50 Walmart – 68 days of access

Search hookup on InstantHookups

Search hookup on InstantHookups

The InstantHookups website does not significantly differ from other dating communities. However, they claim to search for your matches within ten miles of your location. The same principle is in Tinder, Badoo, and other popular platforms. Thus, the InstantHookups site ensures that you will find a partner here, although the number of subscribers is not so high. The luckiest here are guys because the number of girls is almost eight times higher. That is why the males will not remain without women’s attention here. Both males and females can look for hookup encounters and one-night stands. This will be easier for the residents of larger cities because the density of subscribers from there is much higher.

Searching options and filters

In InstantHookups, everything is easy. You will find your match by using a search filter available here. One may try both a quick search and an advanced one. The quick search takes into account the profile owner’s gender, age, and distance from where you are now.

The advanced search filter considers the information the members provided during registration and when filling in their profiles. Of course, only premium members have access to this feature. It will take into account your tastes, preference, including sexual ones. Thus, your match at InstantHookups will correspond to your desires.

Communication with Users

Communication with Users

An accessible communication at the InstantHookups website is available only for fee-based members. But, when purchasing a subscription, the members obtain access to several fascinating communication features, such as live cam chats, webcam shows, and simple messaging. Unfortunately, there is not a particular messaging utility. The members of InstantHookups communicate mainly via email. Thus, one may send and receive emails. Also, there is an opportunity to attach visual content. In this question, everybody is free. The type of content may be different, depending on the preferences and readiness to share.

How does InstantHookups work?

The InstantHookups principle of work does not differ from many other dating platforms. It is necessary to register and create a profile. But one should consider that providing financial information is obligatory. After a one-day trial, you will be charged for a one-month subscription. But then, everybody obtains access to all the advanced features. One may start a search for profiles or use various communication features. Then, everything depends on you and your openness to communication.

How many real accounts are there on InstantHookups?

How many real accounts are there on InstantHookups?

The majority of the profiles are genuine on InstantHookups. This is because there is not a long-lasting free membership. The number of active female subscribers is much greater here. It reaches four thousand. But one may be sure that the majority are real because it is doubtful that scammers will want to indicate their payment information and purchase a premium subscription. Also, there is a requirement to provide a full-size photo with your face, which is checked. Thus, the number of fraudsters is minimal here. But, in any case, we would recommend being careful and never sharing your personal information with unknown people at once. Even though InstantHookups is for hookups, we would recommend waiting a little bit.

Website and mobile version

Unfortunately, the InstantHookups website does not have a mobile application. But this platform is mobile-friendly. Using your cell phone and a browser here, you may access the platform without any difficulties. The screen size is adjusted, and everything remains visible and usable. You may access the website regardless if you are an owner of an Android or iOS device.

Special Features

Among the available features at InstantHookups, we would name the following:

  • There is a hookup forum. There are many forums discussing sex-related topics. When reading through it, one may choose an interesting person and continue communication in private messaging.
  • Member Videos. Every profile has a special section titled Member Videos. There, the profile owners may upload their videos and explicit content. Everything depends on their readiness. However, the possibility of seeing real hot videos of genuine subscribers is not high. Instead, there are enough welcoming videos.
  • I Envoy Program. The InstantHookups website implies fake profiles, which will show new members how the website works. They demonstrate in reality how communication occurs. However, this feature underlines that you may encounter a fake profile even being an advanced member. Thus, you should be careful.

InstantHookups Alternatives

For sure, the InstantHookups platform is not unique. There are many similar websites. Among them, we can name the following:

  • OpenNightFriend
  • BeNaughty
  • Flirt
  • FlirtyMature

All of them have their strong sides. The InstantHookups platform is strong in its live webcam shows and the opportunity to communicate in forums.

Safety InstantHookups

How many real accounts are there on InstantHookups?

Many InstantHookups reviews underline that the safety is doubtful here. The security encryption should be updated. However, the website does its best to secure its subscribers. They implement minimal selection according to uploaded photos. But created by the website, fake bots may deceive you at some moment. Thus, be careful in every moment but always enjoy the available features.

Customer Support

One may reach the InstantHookups support via email or phone. The support department will help you to solve various issues related to billing or the activity of scammers. Also, they will help if you decide to cancel your subscription. However, sometimes the support is unresponsive. Thus, we may assume that it does not work 24/7.

How to delete an InstantHookups account?

If you would like to delete an InstantHookups account, you will have to reach the support department. There is no special button on your profile, which will allow you to do so. However, one shouldn’t expect that the platform will provide any chargeback, even if you just purchased your subscription.

InstantHookups is free?

It is difficult to say that InstantHookups is free. It offers a one-day trial. But this time is not enough to understand the essence of the website. Also, all the website features are closed for free members. One can only create a profile for free.

How to block someone on InstantHookups?

The option to report and block a suspicious profile at InstantHookups is available. For this, one has to reach the support department by indicating the user’s credentials and the reason why you would like to block them. Sometimes, you will have to work until the support proceeds your application.

How to cancel an InstantHookups subscription?

Again, it is a customer support department, which can handle the canceling of your InstantHookups subscription. You should write a letter to their email and inform them of your decision. But remember that the money you have paid will not be returned to you. But be ready that the support may process your application for a somewhat long time. Some users reported that they had to wait for a week until they received a response from the website.

How to download the InstantHookups app?

Unfortunately, the InstantHookups website does not have a mobile application. Instead, they offer a mobile-friendly platform that is perfectly visible on any type of mobile device. It doesn’t matter whether you are the owner of an Android or iOS device. The website screen will be able to adjust to any size.

What are the payment methods that InstantHookups accepts?

The only available payment method here is the credit card. During registration, one should indicate their credit card credentials, and in a day, they will charge almost $50 for a monthly subscription. But please read the reviews before doing so.



As can be seen, the InstantHookups website has many features that facilitate finding hookups and one-night encounters. Despite the fact that the platform does not have many subscribers, it is popular among the specific category of dating communities adherents. Unfortunately, the InstantHookups platform is not deprived of its drawbacks, which sometimes may outweigh the number of benefits. Thus, the website requires new members to provide credit card credentials. Without it, it is not even possible to obtain a one-day trial. Also, there are enough fake profiles. Some of them were created by the website itself. Additionally, the website does not have a mobile application, but it is not a severe problem because they offer a mobile-friendly interface. In such a way, the website has its benefits and pitfalls. But you will never decide the quality of the website unless you register and try it. So, feel free to create your account on the InstantHookups website. Maybe it is what you need at the moment.

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